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Studio Guidelines

By signing up for lessons you agree to the following guidelines. Guidelines are subject to change. 
​If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us prior to signing up for lessons. 

  • Lessons will start promptly at the agreed upon time. If a student arrives late, it will be at the instructor's discretion whether or not to accommodate for lost lesson time.

  • 24 hour notice must be given to cancel or reschedule a lesson. If proper notice is not given, the lesson must still be paid and can only be rescheduled at our discretion decided on a case by case basis. 

  • Lessons are invoiced and billed monthly. Payment is due by the beginning of the first scheduled lesson of the month. Failure to pay invoices on time will result in a cancellation of lessons and forfeiture of a spot on my schedule. Any paid lessons canceled with proper notice can either be made up during the current month, or credited towards the next month's balance.

  • For lessons scheduled through a charter school: Please refer to charter school's guidelines for lessons.

  • We reserve the right to end a lesson early due to a student’s lack of preparedness or behavior. The lesson will still be paid in full.

  • Parents are strongly encouraged to sit in on lessons and are welcome to take notes and video to help with practicing.

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