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Looking for a reliable and high-quality oboe reed? Look no further than the Con Brio Aerial Reed! Designed specifically for beginning to intermediate players, this reed is tied on a 47mm Pro Brass Staple and features Rigotti cane for maximum durability and performance. With its carefully crafted shape and scrape, this reed delivers a free-blowing, stable sound across the entire range of the instrument. Whether you're a student or a professional, the Con Brio Aerial Reed is the perfect choice for your oboe needs.

Con Brio Aerial Reed

SKU: Aerial-Finished
  • As you enjoy your reed, please keep in mind:

    • Reeds should be soaked for 1-3 minutes before playing
    • One blade is clipped slightly shorter
      • The shorter side should be placed on your bottom lip
    • Reeds can take up to 1 week to break in
  • Reed products cannot be returned or exchanged. If your order is damaged in shipment, please contact us within 24hrs of delivery.

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